Turner House

Meet the House Mistress - Ciara Allen 

Ciara is passionate about all aspects of music, especially the 18 piece Jazz Band she runs alongside various other groups. She particularly enjoy putting together memorable concerts and themed evenings. Whether it’s a Musical, Rock Concert or Jazz Festival. 

 "I am very lucky to have wonderful students and amazing opportunities both musically and pastorally.Turner is a house where every girl feels supported, both by their peers and their house team. Close bonds are formed and the feeling of family and belonging is at the heart of its ethos".

Telephone 01242 258011 

Email callen@deanclose.org.uk 

Meet the Head of house - Samantha Smellie

As head of Turner I’ve been lucky enough to get to know some amazing and talented girls. I love being a member of the Turner family, where each girl makes living here a great experience. As one of the smaller boarding houses we are all able to express ourselves and get to know one another really well. With all the different cultures and personalities present in Turner the house has become a wonderful environment, especially when we get to share stories and ideas.

I’m always amazed by the array of talent in the house and so proud when Turner gets a chance to work together. This year has been brilliant so far, with a lively and hilarious group of lower sixth joining the house and some life long memories already made. I’m so glad to be in Turner and can’t wait for more great times in house.


Quotes from the girls

“Turner is a home away from home”

“Turner is a great House because of our overwhelming amount of energy”

“What we lack in numbers we make up for in great conversation and fun times”

“We are a House full of individuals”

“Turner is a fun House which mirrors the personalities of all the girls in it; lively, fun and full of enthusiasm”

“Turner is warm and welcoming and makes you feel at home”

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