Tower House

Meet the House Master: Brian Poxon

Brian is an avid runner, the photo to the left shows him having just finished the inaugural Bristol to Bath Marathon in 2015. Brian also loves travelling, he has lived in 23 houses, in three different countries and in two hemispheres.  He says he will spend his retirement following the England cricket team around the world.


Housemaster: Brian Poxon
T 01242 258008


House motto: ein' feste burg (mighty fortress)


Meet the Heads of House: Jonny Woods and James Adejumo

Being in the heart of the school, Tower provides a solid base from which boys are encouraged to thrive throughout all areas of School as its culture supports a variety of interests and abilities. A student-led buddy system across year groups allows boys in different stages of their time here to nurture each other and build a community that quickly becomes home. When combined with an excellent and committed team of tutors, the bond between all members of the house ensure that everyone is able to fulfil their potential and make lifelong friends.

As well as its prestigious reputation on the rugby pitch, Tower boasts a range of students who contribute to school life at the highest level. Resilience and character building pursuits such as acting on the Bacon Theatre stage, performing in gala concerts or engaging in academic discussions across a variety of subjects are all made possible through Tower's inclusive nature. The house is privileged to have an experienced Matron who ensures the flourishing of each and every member of Tower.

What's it like in Tower?

Tower House is, first and foremost, a fun community in which to live.  We try to celebrate life in Tower, with all its teenage ups and downs.  There is a real sense of community and pride at being right at the centre of the school.  Our ethos is to have a go, and we may not succeed in everything, but we have given it a try.  Tower boys won't die wondering, and from the oldest to the youngest, they will give it their best shot.  It's a great house in which to live, learn, attempt new things, make mistakes, be honest, and get to form life-long friendships.   We are a house that tries to look out for the needs of others in the wider world.

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