The School Day

Arrival at School


warm welcome every morning.

Children may come into School from 8.15am and staff will be in their classrooms ready to welcome them. We do request that parents refrain from taking children into class before 8.15am, as this is valuable preparation time for the staff. The school day officially begins at 8.45am. All children are expected to be in school by this time for registration.

Assembly Time


An assembly is held every morning, when we celebrate the new school day with stories, drama and thoughts, with a Christian basis. We hold a whole school assembly three times a week and classes take it in turns to present an assembly to the School on Fridays. In addition to this Year 1 and 2 classes have a year group assembly, and Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception join together for a Foundation Stage assembly. At intervals through the school year, Year 2 children join the Prep School for assembly and need to be in school by 8.25am on this day.

Each week certificates are awarded to individuals for effort, attainment or for being a good, caring member of our School.  We also celebrate birthdays during assembly times. Children may bring in birthday cakes to share with their class, but please ensure that the products do not contain nuts. In order to safeguard children with specific food allergies, such celebratory foods will be individually wrapped for children to eat at home.

N.B. Children are not allowed to bring in sweets or snacks from home at any time, unless there is a specific dietary need.

Break Times

During the morning break children are well supervised. We encourage children to play games which promote friendship and allow for individual needs to be respected. A drink (milk or water) and fruit or a biscuit are provided at this time.

The younger children also have a short afternoon outdoor time.

Lunch Time

At lunch, children sit together in class groups, with their class teacher and a classroom assistant. High priority is given to the development of good table manners. Children have a choice between two hot meals, meat or vegetarian. Alternatively, there is a salad bar provision. If your child requires any special dietary provision, please let us have the information in writing and we will make every effort to cater for his/her needs.

After lunch, approximately 12.30pm, children who are part-time go home, whilst the other children enjoy a story for 15 minutes, to let lunch settle, followed by outdoor play-time.

The End of Day

   Nursery, Kindergarten and Reception finish at 3.25pm. Years One and
   Two finish at 3.30pm.

   Children are dismissed by staff from their respective classroom dismissal areas. A child will only be allowed to go
   with someone other than their parent, if the teacher has been notified in writing beforehand, stating the name of
   the 'collector' and who they are. Children who are not collected directly after school go into the optional after
   school crèche.


   After School Crèche: 3.30-5.00pm

   This is held within the Pre-Prep and supervised by staff. Children are registered and have a drink and fruit or a
   snack. This facility is optional and for the convenience of parents, particularly those who have older children in the
   Preparatory School. Children can be collected at any time between 3.30pm and 5.00pm. Duty staff can be
   contacted during crèche time on mobile phone number 07761 472110.