Term Dates and Calendar

    Trinity Term 2018 

    Start of Term:             Tuesday 17th April
    Exeat:                          Friday 4th May (3.45pm after Chapel) – Tuesday 8th May
    Half Term:                   Friday 25th May (3.45pm after Chapel) – Sunday 3rd June
    End of Term:              Saturday 30th June (1.00pm at the end of Speech Day)

    MICHAELMAS Term 2018

    Start of Term:             Tuesday 4th September
    Exeat:                          Friday 21st September (3.45pm after Chapel) – Sunday 23rd September
    Half Term:                   Friday 19th October (1.00pm after House Cross-Country) – Sunday 4th         
    Exeat:                          Friday 23rd November (3.45pm after Chapel) – Sunday 25th November
    End of Term:               Friday 14th December

    Lent Term 2019

    Start of Term:            Tuesday 8th January
    Exeat:                         Friday 25th January (4pm after the House Swimming Gala) – Sunday 27th
                                        January (Boarders return by 6pm)
    Half Term:                  Friday 15th February (3.45pm after Chapel) – Sunday 24th
                                        February (Boarders return by 6pm)              
    Exeat:                         Friday 8th March (3.45pm after Chapel) – Sunday 10th March (Boarders 
                                        return by 6pm)
    End of Term:              Friday 29th March, 12.45pm after Chapel

    Trinity Term 2019

    Start of Term:            Wednesday 24th April
    Exeat:                         Friday 3rd May (3.45pm after Chapel) – Monday 6th May
    Half Term:                  Friday 24th May (3.45pm after Chapel) – Sunday 2nd June
    End of Term:             Saturday 29th June (1.00pm at the end of Speech Day)



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