Speech & Drama

    Kindergarten and Reception

    Drama within the Early Years is structured around activities that are already part of young children's development - action rhymes, songs, play and roleplay and follow-my-leader games.

    It is during these activities that children are encouraged to develop their confidence in speaking and listening, improve individual creativity and imagination, positive promotion in group interaction and increase their awareness as part of their social circle. We play very basic memory and concentration skill games that increase their ability to learn.

    During these years children are not expected to participate in any major speech skills, instead they are encouraged to gain self-confidence as they address the classes through role-play and improvisation.


    Year One

    Year One is very much a continuation from Reception although children are now encouraged to look more closely at the basic skills already learned. The introduction of more advanced speech and drama skills are promoted and we begin to look at texts. Storytelling is introduced as a tool to increase imagination and self-expression and children are encouraged to extend their vocabulary whilst communicating ideas.

    Year Two

    In Year Two children are reminded of skills already learned and are given opportunities to present improvisations to their peers. Whilst lessons are still fun, we now take a closer look at the more advanced speech and drama skills. Text is used to encourage reading skills and the exploration of characters, settings, structure, etc. Children are encouraged to create characters whilst improvising and to develop their language through word games. Very basic observational skills are introduced and some theatrical terminology is used. This year is very much a preparation for skills needed when drama is introduced in Year Three.