Shelburne House

Meet the House Mistress: Julie Kent

After studying at Leeds College of Music, Julie was a professional musician playing in various groups all over the world, including jazz quartets, 12-piece soul bands and duos. Julie became Housemistress of Shelburne in 2001.

Julie Loves playing the saxophone and always wears high heels! She is the Vice Chairman of a Childrens Charity raising money for the sick and disabled children of Gloucestershire and she loves vlogging!

Housemistress: Mrs Julie Kent
T 01242 258010
House motto: vita per amicitiam (Life through Friendship)

What's it like in Shelburne?

Although other houses would disagree with this statement, it is in fact true; Shelburne is the best house. When asked to describe Shelburne, three words spring to mind, “family”, “fun” and “talented”.

Shelburne is very much a large family. We sing together (although not always in tune), we laugh together and we are supportive of one another. In this house, we celebrate each girl’s success, no matter what it may be. It is a great Shelburne tradition, after house events, to sing ‘ride around my big fat pony’ - for those of you who know what that is, you can imagine the laughs and giggles that we share together! The time that a girl spends in Shelburne will be the best years of her life. She will be able to make this place her home and the people she first knew to be her friends, will become her sisters.

Shelburne is a very open plan house, making it easy for all the girls to interact by sitting around the sofas on a Saturday night eating pizza and watching a film or to have the occasional social with another house such as our annual Christmas song social with Tower House. The fun house evenings that we have throughout the year allow for the girls to bond while sliding down a bouncy castle or throwing wotsits at another girl’s face that has been covered in shaving cream!

As a house, we are so fortunate to have many girls, from many different cultures, who bring in many different talents in all areas; music, drama, academic and sports. We have 30-40 girls that play instruments, that range from grades 1-8 and we are very strong competitors in the house music competition. In sport, we are very fortunate to have girls that are competing in weekly equestrian shows, a GB Triathlete and girls who play for County Hockey and Netball teams. Shelburne girls get stuck in to all aspects of School life. You are guaranteed to fit in here.

Shelburne is the best place to thrive and grow and make friends that you will keep for a lifetime. 

Quotes from the Girls

In 2016, we undertook a survey to find out what the girls really thought about Shelburne. These are just some of the words they used to describe the house:

  • Homely
  • Friendship
  • Relaxed
  • Encouraging
  • Pizza Nights
  • Big Family
  • Talented: sports, drama and academia
  • Trips out with Mrs Kent
  • Fun weekend

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