Scholarships & Bursaries

    Dean Close offers an academic award into Year 3 (first year of Prep School). The assessment process takes into account a pupil's ability, potential, attitude and work ethos.

    The awards are open to external & internal pupils alike. Pupils must be under the age of eight on 1 September in the year of application.

    The Prep School offers awards of 15% off the day fees excluding any extras. Awards will commence on 1 Septermber of Year 3 and run to the end of Year 6, by which time pupils will have the opportunity to sit for 11+ scholarships. There is no set number of awards; they will be awarded on merit.

    7+ Scholarship Form

    Bursaries are not avalabile in the Pre-Prep School. However, parents of chldren who are awarded a Year 3 scholarship may apply for a bursary.