Religions Studies

Do I have to be religious to enjoy religious studies?


  • Every year our Sixth Form intake includes a lively bunch of truth-seeking agnostics, committed Christians, well-reasoned atheists, and people who aren’t sure about religion at all. 
  • We value sceptical enquiry, a questioning, respectful yet hearty attitude to debate.
  • We discourage either gullibility or cynicism.
  • Just bring an open mind, an interest in people and ideas, and let’s go from there. 

Department Credentials

It was recently reported in the national press that RS departments have the least qualified staff in their subject within British education establishments.  At Dean Close, the department boasts some strong credentials for teaching Religious Studies and Philosophy and Ethics. We have two degrees in Religious Studies and theology, one honours.  Two Religious Studies PCGE holders, one further Theology BA, and an Applied Theology MA.  Additionally, we have an MA Philosophy, Politics and Economics Graduate (Oxford).  Our areas of expertise include Old Testament theology, New Testament theology, the Philosophy of Religion, World Religions, Feminist Theology and Religious Ethics.

You can imagine how heated our department meetings get!