Parent Testimonials

Local Family with one Son at Dean Close

It was going to be an interesting transition with my son having attended another local private school, but within weeks of him being at Dean Close, I knew I had made the right decision.

My son has totally flourished since arriving, in fact, he is quite a changed boy.  He has acquired maturity, a sense of responsibility and absolute happiness since being there. His academic grades have improved considerably, but most of all he loves all the co-curricular activities the School has to
offer; from the array of sports to the recent drama production and being in the chapel choir.   Only this week, he said “The good thing about Dean Close is that it doesn’t matter what you are good at, everyone fits in and is friends."

Military Boarding Family with four Children

"Four children, four personalities and four different packages of hopes and aspirations; all of which have been nurtured and encouraged at Dean Close School.  We have been delighted to see our children grow in confidence and character whilst thoroughly enjoying their academic journey.  The boarding houses are 'home-from-home' and our children have flourished with the varied activities and challenges that the weekends bring. The regular contact with academic and pastoral staff means that we, as parents, maintain familial input shaping our children's lives, which is hugely comforting particularly when living abroad.  It has a Christian ethos that is developed within the staff and children through everyday life and we are so very proud of all that our children are achieving at Dean Close School."

Local family with two daughters

Dean Close was the first school we viewed for our eldest daughter at year 7 entry and we were left with an indelible impression of a happy, balanced community where she would thrive.  Having viewed a myriad of other highly-regarded schools, we could not replicate our strong ‘gut feeling’ and ended up back where we started!  

Four years later, with experience of both Senior and Prep Schools (our younger daughter is now at DCPS), our opinion has only been strengthened in the school’s ability to build confidence, offer remarkable opportunities and genuinely educate both our, very different, girls as individuals.  We are consistently impressed by the staff’s level of commitment to school life and, importantly, their open approach in discussing issues, no matter how small.

Yes, the days are long and busy; unequivocally, the expectations are high both academically and in co-curricular terms but, as parents, we know our daughters will leave Dean Close as confident, well-rounded young women who will look back on their schooldays fondly.

International Boarding Family with a brother and sister

All of my concerns, one by one, were addressed and dismissed in a very efficient and caring manner, I was generally impressed and surprised with the feeling of peace I had. It helped that Dean Close was a perfect fit and indeed a better environment than home due to their experience in nurturing kids.  Even the distance of being in Dubai 7000 miles away didn't prove an issue as the house mistress and master were always at hand to take care of matters that arose, with close coordination with me. I cannot thank them enough!  My kids actually refer to them as their second parents. 

Local family with a son and a daughter

   Toby was three years old when he joined Dean Close a year behind his sister, Grace. He is now
   in his last year of the Prep School and getting ready for moving ‘across the road’.  

   From our first tour of the School as parents we were very impressed with the attitude of the staff
   and the confidence of the pupils. Toby and his sister have both flourished at the School and we
   have always found the support structure both academically and pastorally of the highest order.

   The amount of activities and sports available has been very important to us all as a family and
   the School ethos of participation and inclusion is excellent.

  We were so proud when Toby was made Head Boy for his final year and will be sorry to leave 
  the Prep School this summer but we know he is well prepared and ready for the next chapter at
  Dean Close.