Parent Testimonials

    Local Day Family with one Daughter

    "On relocating as a family from Hampshire to Cheltenham, our daughter joined Dean Close Prep School in Year 3. She is now in the Sixth Form and, throughout her entire time at Dean Close, teaching and house staff have always proved to be extremely supportive and understanding.  As parents, we have been consistently impressed by the genuine care and quality of teaching evident across both Prep and Senior schools.

    Our daughter has been able to pursue her passion for drama through taking part in the annual Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts and numerous high quality School productions. Academically, Dean Close has equipped our daughter with a strong learning ethos and important study skills that enabled her to achieve excellent GCSE results.

    As a Sixth Former, she has the confidence to select the A Level subjects that inspire her and which will allow her to follow her ambitions and afford the best opportunities to study at the University of her choice. We would have no hesitation in recommending Dean Close to other parents."

    Family of two boys and one daughter, with a combination of Day and Boarding

    "My oldest son chose Dean Close; a rather shy boy and a very reluctant boarder, he said he felt ‘comfortable’ at the School. A perceptive observation - during his 5 years at Dean Close, we saw him grow in confidence to become Head of House, achieve top grades at GCSE and A levels, and gain a place at one of the UK’s top ten universities. He subsequently gained a graduate place on the Civil Service Fast Track to Management Scheme, currently rated as 5th in the best Graduate Schemes.

    We were warned by the Head of our second son’s Prep school that son number two might struggle academically to get into university.  We were delighted during his Sixth Form years to see him combine an eclectic mix of being a Drama Scholar, Captain of Rugby and Head of School and also achieving top grades at A level, to gain a place at a top Ten UK university.

    We are currently watching the Dean Close magic working on our youngest child... For our family, Dean Close has genuinely been a school that meets its claims to bring out the best in every child."

    German Family with a Boarding Daughter

    Two years ago our older daughter, 15 years old, chose to attend Dean Close for one year after looking two other schools. There she felt welcomed from the first minute. And her instincts were right: Shelburne became her second home and she found lots of new friends. Therefore, our second daughter, 14 years old, immediately also wanted to go to Dean Close because she knew that she would be going to a heartwarming and caring place. They both had an amazing year. They settled quickly and became part of the Dean Close community. Moreover, they were both integrated into the hockey team from the first day on. They loved to play hockey in an English school team.

    Dean Close taught them that they can achieve anything if they put enough effort in it. They were given many opportunities to do things they can or would not do at home.

    Dean Close was the perfect school for our daughters. The time they spent there was a great experience for both of them and they learned a lot. For us parents it was nice to know that our children were in good hands although they were miles away from us. 

    Military Boarding Family with four Children

    "Four children, four personalities and four different packages of hopes and aspirations; all of which have been nurtured and encouraged at Dean Close School.  We have been delighted to see our children grow in confidence and character whilst thoroughly enjoying their academic journey.  The boarding houses are 'home-from-home' and our children have flourished with the varied activities and challenges that the weekends bring. The regular contact with academic and pastoral staff means that we, as parents, maintain familial input shaping our children's lives, which is hugely comforting particularly when living abroad.  It has a Christian ethos that is developed within the staff and children through everyday life and we are so very proud of all that our children are achieving at Dean Close School."

    German Boarding Family with a daughter

    What does it mean to send your 14 year old daughter, alone, to a boarding school in England?! Nobody can explain this before it comes through. My daughter asked us to go to a boarding school in England to have another school experience. To break away from the parental home. To be more intelligent than others and to get ready for the international study she is looking for. We are proud to have a daughter like her. She understands that it is very important to be successful. 

    Last autumn holidays we joined her in visiting three boarding schools in England. After this short trip she decided immediately to go to Dean Close. Why? It was after the first seconds, like a love at first sight. The talk with the headmaster Mr Salisbury himself, to Mr Price and last but not least, the warm and lovely welcome from Mrs Julia Abbot, Housemistress of Fawley, were the reasons we decided to go to Dean Close. They asked all the questions directly to her, took serious what she answered and they told her that they would be happy to have her at Dean Close. She has been there for more than four months and she is so happy. She is diligent, because she knows that all the teachers are working with passion and that they like to have successful pupils. Her teachers recognised her talents and have motivated her to believe in herself. Dean Close is the best learning environment for pupils who like to be successful.

    Spanish Boarding Family with one son

    When you send your son for the first time abroad you feel a mixture of emotions which are difficult to explain, some of them you didn’t even consider when you took the decision. Seeing him integrated and happy just a couple of days after class started provides you with a lot of comfort to face this new experience. We have seen him grow all along the year, living a superior experience, it´s much more than academics. Dean Close provides an environment for personal growth that is a crucial lever for comprehensive nurturing.

    As parents, when you talk to somebody like Mr Poxon his housemaster, so professional and close to you at the same time, you are convinced that your son is in good hands. For us this is the image of Dean Close, professionalism and familiarity, great pillars for education, not easy to find.

    UK Boarding family of boy/girl twins and an elder brother

    Dean Close has provided a wonderful, nurturing and caring environment for our children to develop. They have been presented with diverse opportunities and challenges we did not necessarily expect, and we have been pleased to see them mature in such a balanced culture.

    Military Boarding Family with two Daughters

    "I have been a parent at Dean Close School for the past five years and have had two daughters attend the School.  It has been perfect for my girls and both have been extremely happy here. As a military family it was vitally important that we chose a School that was able to meet our very individual needs and Dean Close has surpassed this expectation.

    Having viewed a number of schools what we particularly like about Dean Close is that it is a well-balanced happy school. My daughters have both been guided and encouraged to pursue their individual talents, in particular my youngest daughter enjoys music and she has been allowed to pursue her love of music, with many opportunities open to her, which has raised her confidence immensely. In addition, they have been involved with extra curricular activities and trips and both girls have had some truly fantastic experiences. 

    My daughters have had good relationships with their teachers and appear to be respected and treated as individuals especially as they have entered Sixth Form. We have been very happy with the quality of teaching, as parents we feel welcomed and respected with access to staff to discuss education or other matters; I have even had teaching staff email me in holidays.

    My eldest daughter excelled within her A level results this together with the balanced grounded experience she acquired has enabled her to pursue many opportunities at University. With much support from staff my youngest daughter achieved good GCSE results which has given her a good base to enter into A level studies.

    Both girls have boarded and despite this very difficult transition for both myself as a parent and for the girls, I have to say all along in each of the houses we as a family have been well supported and cared for. Access to my daughters and the staff has been excellent, I have been allowed much flexibility and I have really felt part of the house, which for me has helped greatly.

    The lovely thing about Dean Close is that even when pupils leave the School they are encouraged to be part of the Old Decanian Society, which allows them to continue to keep and maintain the treasured friendships and relationships they have made. My eldest daughter still keeps in touch with her wonderful friendship group both through ODs and in her own time. 

    I whole heartedly would recommend Dean Close School and thank everyone there for the well-rounded education and fabulous experiences achieved for both of my daughters and for us as a family."

    International Boarding Family with a brother and sister

    All of my concerns, one by one, were addressed and dismissed in a very efficient and caring manner, I was generally impressed and surprised with the feeling of peace I had. It helped that Dean Close was a perfect fit and indeed a better environment than home due to their experience in nurturing kids.  Even the distance of being in Dubai 7000 miles away didn't prove an issue as the house mistress and master were always at hand to take care of matters that arose, with close coordination with me. I cannot thank them enough!  My kids actually refer to them as their second parents.