All specialist music tuition is taught by music staff working in the Preparatory and Pre-Preparatory Schools. We are very pleased that we now have the Carducci Quartet who are resident at Dean Close School and teaching in the Pre-Preparatory School.

Many children are able to discover their love of music at an early age and enjoy being able to perform in our informal concerts throughout the school year.

Piano Lessons

Piano lessons are given on an individual basis for 30 minutes a week. In the lessons pupils discover the basic fundamental elements of music - pitch and rhythm skills, note reading, knowledge of musical terms and signs - and, most importantly, develop a natural love of music through the hands-on enjoyable experience of playing.

The lessons are structured towards preparing pupils for examination goals with the Associated Board of Music, as well as playing other pieces for fun, which develop or consolidate particular techniques.

Pupils are expected to practise on a regular basis if significant improvement and progress are to be made - little and often is best. Parents are also encouraged to come along to beginner lessons to encourage and ensure their son/daughter practises correctly. Practice is a discipline which, for most, is an effort at times and needs encouraging; however, as a result it instils a pupil's self-motivation, self-worth and self-esteem.

Violin, Viola and Cello Tuition

Learning the violin, viola and cello in the Pre-Prep is a fantastic introduction to music and learning an instrument. Participating in music is scientifically proven to help with co-ordination, concentration, memory, Maths, English, confidence, musicianship, social interaction, etc. Year Two is an ideal age to start (with certain Year One pupils also being suitable). A violin is virtually the only instrument available in small sizes and is perfect for young people.

Starting at a young age is a great advantage as pupils have time to practise and establish a routine needed to achieve a high level later on. Progress is entirely dependent on how much practice is achieved. It is essential that parents are able to attend most (if not all) lessons with their child to help them play every day at home, explaining what the teacher has said... no, you don't have to be able to play anything, just to understand the language and be enthusiastic!

Pre-Prep Orchestra - Squirrel Strings

In the Pre-Prep we have a Strings Group -known as the School orchestra. It gives the children the fabulous experience of playing in a group and performing in concerts and at the Cheltenham Festival. It is led by the internationally renowned Carducci Quartet.

Pre-Preparatory Choir

‘Singing Squirrels’ is the Pre-Preparatory choir. This group learns songs in preparation for school performances, working on breathing and pitching skills and enjoying singing a wide variety of songs. The group is a great way for children to begin mastering the skills of singing and is available to all pupils in Years One and Two. There is no charge for this activity.