Mead House

Meet the House Mistress: Cathy Feltham

My main passions are History and Politics, my two teaching subjects.  I feel strongly that as citizens we should be informed about the world around us in order to participate fully and I will encourage the girls to look outside our own internal and often “cosy” worlds to consider others. I support activism, and deplore apathy. Thus I want the girls to care and have an opinion on the world around them, even if it disagrees with mine

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What's it like in Mead?

When Dean Close became co-ed in the late 1960s and first opened its doors to girls, Mead House was created. It was a hugely progressive move for its time, and Mead House became synonymous with the pioneering spirit of tenacity and adaptability.  Over half a century later, Mead House continues to uphold the intrinsic values of our forebears. There is not one type of “Mead girl”, as we embrace individuality, but we hold a common identity of compassion, consideration and community. We are an outward looking House, while unified within. We are not exclusive but seek to be inclusive. We represent the ideals of modesty and integrity: we are a House of achievers but we are not boastful; we are very much part of the wider Dean Close community but retain a sense of self. Mead House offers girls safe and secure study accommodation in the middle of the School. There is a great sense of community and belonging which creates a lovely, happy and relaxed atmosphere with the House. The Common Room is the social hub for all the year groups but if a more peaceful environment is needed, each girl has a study they share with two or three friends where she can work or just rest and relax.

Meet the Head of House: Iza Bruce

Mead is a brilliant house to be in; we are a lively bunch whose talents spread across a wide range of areas from swimming, to shooting, to the most gold chits won as well as music and singing.  Everyone in Mead brings something different to the house; our individual talents and qualities bring out the best in each other making us easily the best house in the school (although I am biased, of course)!  Realistically though, on a day-to-day basis, it’s a bubbly place, particularly in the common room where we tend to gather and chat together about everything and anything over a nice chocolate bourbon or piece of buttery toast.  We have a lot of good laughs and, despite the odd squabble, we get on brilliantly, helping each other with pretty much anything.  Our house evenings are always good fun; we get pizza in, watch a chick flick and generally end it with ice cream and mountains of sprinkles and sauce! With all this mad action, we sometimes need a chance to calm down so Mrs Feltham sometimes organises for half of us to have a yoga session, whilst the other half make delicious smoothies in the cookery school! 
Essentially, Mead is a buzzing house that treats each other like family, something that I think is pretty rare and special.



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