How to apply

We audition children for places in Schola Cantorum from age 6 to 10, throughout the year.

In the first instance please contact our admissions department who will be able to advise you of the process and send you any information.

There are two of us in the Admissions Team at the Prep School -

Head of Admissions Rebecca Chaplin
01242 258001


Rhian Hayes
01242 258001

Potential choristers are encouraged to attend our annual  'Chorister for the day' event to help them understand a little of what is involved and meet some of the other Choristers. The next stage would be for your son to come to Dean Close Prep School to sing to the Director of the Choir, either on a formal or informal basis. All external pupils will be asked to attend formal voice trials and sit a Cognitive Ability and English paper.

Candidates will need to bring a piece of music of their own choice which can be of any style they like - or just a hymn - but something they are familiar with and enjoy singing.

They will also be required to do some aural tests as part of the audition and will be given some simple vocal exercises to explore their vocal range. Please contact Admissions if you require further information.