Hatherley House

Meet the House Mistress: Kate MIlne

Kate has a BA Hons in English from Durham University and has worked at Dean Close since her graduation in 2005. Kate is an English teacher, tutor, manages the girls' 1st XI hockey team, runs the Uganda Appeal and is the adoring owner of two mischievous sausage dogs called Achilles and Persephone.

T 01242 267433
E kemilne@deanclose.org.uk

House motto: ex ingeniis propriis familia floreat (in the gifts of each, let the family flourish)


What's it like in Hatherley?

Despite being one of the smallest Houses, Hatherley is lively, vibrant, buzzy and not easily overlooked! The girls enjoy a special sisterly bond, and the House has a real family feel, in which individuals are encouraged to feel supported to excel in their specialist areas, or simply just to try something new. The House has an excellent work ethic, and academic studies are taken seriously, but equally, the girls love to then don a purple shirt and represent the House in team competitions, from chess to hockey to debating; we are certainly competitive! Hatherley girls are fully involved in all areas of school life, and our motto 'ex ingeniis propriis familia floreat' (in the gifts of each let the family flourish), embodies our aim to value each individual as unique in what they bring to our lovely House.

Meet the Head of House: Lizzie Neil

Hatherley is a small girls' house in the central hub of the School. Our more intimate size means that we have a tight network of girls who support each other and build firm friendships. We are often described as a big family, and we certainly have a caring reputation. Although we are small, we are a high-achieving house. The many individual talents of the Hatherley girls come together to bring us success in every dimension of School life, from the arts to academics, and especially in sports. Above all we like to get involved: whether it is the House Shout singing competition, debating, house social events or in a house hockey team. Our house loves to win but more importantly we love to make memories. 

Our House Mistress is Mrs Milne who is both encouraging and caring. Her door is always open, and she is there to sort out individual problems, provide a shoulder to cry on, as well as to share a laugh and a joke in the Common Room. As my time at Dean Close nears to the end, many of my best moments will be taking part in house events and the memories made with my Hatherley family.

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