Fawley House

Meet the House Parents - Amy and Alan Sping-Wallis

House Parents: Mrs and Mrs Spring-Wallis
T 01242 267411
E: ajspringwallis@deanclose.org.uk

House motto: Alis Volat Propiis (She flies with her own wings)

Amy and Alan love travelling; the more remote and extreme the better. Their favourite holiday was to Svalbard during the Arctic winter when it was dark 24 hours a day and -26 degrees! 


Meet the Head of House - Flo Duckworth

Situated across the field, Fawley is the furthest house from school. Although it’s quite a trek, the walk creates a sense of coming home at the end of a school day. This feeling is emphasized by the fact that most of the girls within the house act like a family, with inter-year relationships obvious wherever you look. We strive to make sure that everyone joins in: it might be very vocally showing support within house events like tug-of-war or simply watching a movie together in the common room. Fawley girls are determined and live by the house motto, “she flies with her own wings”, resulting in a clear show of independence from our girls, whether it be volunteering around school or stepping up in matches. When I first came to Fawley, I was worried about fitting in as I hadn’t come from the prep school but, in true Fawley spirt, I was thrown into in-house events, such as the themed Fawley party and the usual movie night on Saturday and I soon felt at home. My year has always been encouraged to pull together to help celebrate our individuals, whether it was a grade in music or even to just eat cake on someone’s birthday. Fawley House is caring, supportive, and hardworking. In short, always striving to be the best it can be!


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