Extension and Enrichment

    Monday AfterNoon Activities (MAA)

    This activity is available for any Fourth, Remove and Fifth Former who is keen to develop their analytical, evaluative and creative thinking through discussions/debates about topical and contentious issues in the news.  The group will be led by a number of Sixth Formers and overseen by a member of staff.  

    The Junior and Senior Critical Essay Competitions

    The Junior Critical Essay Competition is open to all pupils in the Remove or Fifth Form and the Senior Critical Essay competition is open to all pupils in the Lower Sixth.  The aim of these competitions is to encourage intellectual ambition, realised through passionate writing derived from independent enquiry and critical thinking.

    Entries to the competition – which must be handed in by early September - are scrutinized by a panel of judges on the quality of analysis, evaluation and written communication. All entrants are invited to attend the Award Ceremony in the Michaelmas Term where prizes will be awarded for the best essay and the runner-up



    • Exhibitions (external and internal)
    • Monday Afternoon Activity
    • Open studio time
    • Trips to London and abroad
    • Talks (Literature Festival)
    • Workshops
    • Pupil’s project


    • Artists workshops
    • Opportunities to work with more ambition (advanced materials/techniques and scale)
    • Life Drawing



    • MDV (Medics, Dentists & Vets): the ethics and philosophy of Biology and Biomedical sciences. Initially devised to help medics get material for interview, this group is open to anyone wanting to explore the ethical implications of Biology and Biomedical science. It is basically a weekly enrichment/extension group for those seeking an understanding of philosophy and ethics in Biology. Day of the week TBA.
    • Oxbridge classes in Michaelmas Term
    • Extension classes in Lent Term
    • Society of Biology: British Biology Olympiad (for the most able pupils in Fifth form and Upper Sixth form)
    • Biology Challenge: for most able pupils in Remove and Fifth


    • ZooClub – an enrichment MAA designed to extend well beyond the curriculum looking at: learning about and caring for the animals in department, identifying and recording wildlife in the School grounds and feeding into the county and national record, management of some School grounds, looking at reducing the School's carbon footprint from a teacher/pupil perspective. Monday evenings.
    • Termly wildlife photography competition: open to all years, this is an enrichment competition to open pupils’ eyes up to the changing seasons and the beauty of winter.
    • National Biology Week lecture (October): an enrichment event for DCS pupils and local schools
    • AS Summer reading & active involvement in Biology-related EPQ projects

    Business Studies


    • Cheltenham Literature Festival
    • Factory visit – BMW Mini
    • Full day in - House exam preparation seminars



    Fourth Form:

    • A ‘Kitchen Chemistry ‘topic (Michaelmas Term).
    • Basic atomic structure taught after the examinations.


    At the end of the year we have enrichment time which is completely off syllabus and will be some of the following:

    • Making alginate worms and Potato Plastic.
    • Making Esters (organic liquids that smell of fruit).
    • A study of the different effectiveness of different flavour antacids.
    • Making a rainbow in a tube.
    • Fire writing.
    • Screaming Jelly Babies
    • CSI project
    • Iodine clock investigation.
    • ‘The chemistry of glue’ project.

    Lower Sixth:

    After the Lower Sixth come back from their AS examinations we have some enrichment time, which could include the following:

    • Making blueprint paper
    • Making photographic paper.
    • Making a rainbow in a tube.
    • Methane rockets.
    • Screaming Jelly Babies.
    • Mentos and coke experiments.
    • An investigation into the chemistry of the iodine clock.
    • The chemistry of paint.

    All Years:

    • Reading List (separate ones for the Lower School and Upper School found on the pupil drive).
    • Chemistry notice board, including a host of interesting facts about chemistry and science.


    • Chemistry extension during MAA with PJPA exploring topics outside the syllabus.
    • Biochemistry extension during MAA with ARN exploring university level biochemistry.
    • Extension topics and worksheets built into all schemes of work.
    • Upper Sixth can opt to take part in the Chemistry Olympiad.



    • Gloucestershire Classical Association lectures (Michaelmas to Summer)
    • Wilson Challenge (Lent)
    • Sixth Form Latin and Greek Reading Competition (Michaelmas)
    • Sixth Form Latin Set Texts morning (Lent)
    • Classics magazine ‘Helicon’


    • Cambridge Greek Play (Michaelmas)
    • Sixth Form CC Pupils Trip to the British Museum (Lent)
    • Classics Trip (Destination to be confirmed) (Easter holiday)
    • Post AS Roman Archaeology tour (Summer)
    • Sixth Form Latin and Greek Symposium (Summer)
    • Cheltenham Literary Festival (Michaelmas)

    Computer Science


    • Visits to University Computer Science departments, Bletchley park and Cheltenham Science Festival
    • Access to CC4FN Magazines and other publications available in the library or online
    •  Opportunities to explore your interests in Computer Science during MAA and through Co-Curricular activities
    • External speakers from both Academia and Industry
    • Access to national competitions through the year


    • Opportunities to Learn additional programming languages not studied in class

    Design Technology


    • Personal Projects
    • Personal designing and making projects
    • MAA and Co-Curricular access to facilities
    • Extension by outcome built into projects as appropriate to stretch individuals


    • Arkwright Pupilships (Fifth Form entry)
    • Small Piece Trust Courses promotion
    • Headstart Courses promotion

    Drama and Theatre Studies


    • GCSE and A level Drama visit to The Globe:  workshops, tour, performance
    • Stratford Day:  visit to the Birthplace,  workshops with RSC and performance at the RSC
    • Main School Musical  (biennial) (joint with the Music Department)
    • Main School Play
    • House Plays
    • Sixth Form Play/Drama Pupils’ Play
    • Annual visit to Edinburgh Fringe Festival as Close Up Theatre (with Sell-Out status earned every year for last 12 years)
    • Programme of co-curricular plays (up to 10 or more per year)
    • Major participation in Cheltenham Festival (annually the largest trophy and medal winner in Gloucestershire)
    • Thespian Club
    • Theatre Excursions (about 10-12) to RSC, Malvern, Cheltenham etc.
    • National Theatre Live at The Bacon Theatre
    • Film Watching
    • Practical advice/work for exceptionally talented pupils entering the profession
    • Workshops from visiting notable actors and practitioners
    • Quarshie Club (play reading society)


    • Gold Arts Awards at 16+
    • Speech and Drama examinations for LAMDA, RADA and Victoria College – often to Diploma level
    • RADA exams in London
    • PCertLAM extension qualification for G&T (worth up to 90 UCAS points)
    • Preparations for auditions for Drama School (RADA, LAMDA, Central and others)
    • NYT and NYMT preparation for audition where appropriate



    • Student conference London
    • Economics Essay competition
    • Monday afternoon activity – Economics Extra
    • Full day in - house exam preparation seminars
    • Contribution to EYP programme



    • Oxbridge candidates programme
    • English at University MAA


    • The Remove Recitals (May)
    • Quantocks Trip (June)
    • Lower Sixth visit to Stratford
    • Creative/Non Fiction Writing Competition (November)
    • Poetry Prose and Port (November)
    • Theatre visits
    • NT Live at the Bacon Theatre
    • Visiting speakers/authors
    • DCS Literary Society (a student led society in which favourite literary works are shared and discussed)
    • Gothic/ ‘Gatsby’ soirees




    • Goudie Society – one meeting a term
    • GA World Wise quiz – local
    • Young Geographer of the Year competition
    • Trinity College (Cambridge) essay competition for Lower Sixth
    • Discover – Outstanding geography student essay competition (biennial) for Fourth, Remove and Fifth
    • GA PGISG – Photo competition (summer holidays)


    • Flying the Flag for Geography
    • Remove – Fieldwork – Rivers/Urban – Summer term
    • Lower Sixth – Fieldwork – Snowdonia residential Michaelmas term, local area fieldwork Lent term
    • Upper Sixth Fieldwork – Sand Dunes – Michaelmas Term

    History and Politics


    • Essay competitions
    • Clio: The History Society (Termly meetings advertised in Dept) ALL year groups
    • Gloucestershire Historical Association Lectures (Various dates advertised in Dept)


    • WWI Battlefield Trip October (October): GCSE historians
    • Houses of Parliament Visit (November): Lower Sixth Politics
    • Cheltenham Literature Festival (Michaelmas): various opportunities for attending events linked with History & Politics (all advertised on Dept. noticeboard) –ALL year groups
    • GCSE History revision lunchtime lecture series (Lent term): Revision in 30 minutes for GCSE historians
    • A level Revision Conferences: talks by University lecturers (Various): Sixth Form
    • Visits/meetings with MPs and local Politicians (various): Fifth Form upwards
    • Debating and Public Speaking (various):
      • EYP regional competition March (Lower Sixth only)
      • Model United Nations conferences
      • Flecker Library Debates: half termly lunchtime debates on an issue from current affairs. 


    Junior Extension:

    • National  Intermediate Maths Challenge (March) Fourth, Remove and Fifth
    • National Team Maths Competition (Remove)
    • National  Junior Team Maths Challenge (Fourth Form and DCS year 8)
    • Accelerated access to IGCSE and A/S level curriculum for gifted pupils
    • Certificate of Further Maths (with Distinction) Level 2/3 qualification
    • Further Pure IGCSE course

    Junior Enrichment:

    • Remove Enrichment Day (June)
    • Post IGCSE work Apollo 13 investigation (June)
    • Use of Tony Gardiner extension material Fourth, Remove and Fifth
    • Challenge Wall

    Sixth Form Extension:

    • National Senior Maths Challenge (October)
    • Gloucestershire Maths Association lectures & Workshops by University  lecturers (Sixth Form)
    • National Senior Team Maths Challenge
    • Further Maths A level (the so called triple Maths A level)
    • S.T.E.P. for Oxbridge and Warwick etc.
    • Universities Maths degrees in Extension Maths MAA

    Sixth Form Enrichment:

    • Lower Sixth ‘Take Maths Further Day (June)
    • Lower Sixth Maths and my Career Outside speakers demonstrate how Maths is used in their professional lives.
    • Lower Sixth Maths and my Degree.  All Lower Sixth Mathematicians research and deliver a presentation to a member of SMT showing the relevance of Maths to their intended degree course.
    • MAA – Extension Maths lessons
    • Pre-U talks.


    Pupils are encouraged to study independently by using the wide range of books, DVD’s and magazines available in the department and the library. The Modern Languages Film society exists for all Sixth Form linguists. We currently offer a programme of cinema visits to see foreign films. SCV organises these.

    Remove and Fifth Enrichment:

    • Montpellier Study tour
    • Salamanca Study tour
    • Annecy Rencontres Européenes 14-17 year olds
    • Italian MAA
    • Mandarin MAA

    Sixth Form Enrichment:

    • Oxbridge lessons and oral support
    • Foreign film trips
    • Italian MAA
    • Mandarin MAA
    • Cheltenham Upper Sixth Modern Languages debate November


    • French early GCSE takers lessons and oral support
    • AS and A2 early takers
    • Upper Sixth French & Spanish debates



    The 13+ Music Pupilship system automatically identifies the majority of our gifted and talented musicians. Pupilships are also awarded later at Sixth Form level which allows for previously unidentified talent to be rewarded and acknowledged. There are extensive opportunities for performance at Dean Close, enabling the top musicians to develop their talents.

    • Pupils are taken to professional concerts/operas in Birmingham and Bristol and to academic lectures.
    • Concerts specifically for Music Pupils take place twice each year and the top pupils are encouraged to perform full Concerti with the orchestra (sometimes professional) at either the Pittville Pump Room or in the Bacon Theatre to full audiences.
    • “Fridays at Six” is a recital series for the most advanced musicians to plan and prepare for a solo recital. This is open to all year groups, including the Prep School, of musicians of Grade 8 standard and above.
    • Pupils have the opportunity to sit in on Carducci Quartet rehearsals.
    • Participation in the annual Sherratt Prize
    • Master-classes and performance classes (taken by the Carducci Quartet) are provided during the year to further the musical talent of our musicians.
    • Informal recitals alongside more formal evening recitals take place throughout the year which provide excellent opportunities for performance practice.
    • Music Pupils are encouraged, when appropriate, to take consultation lessons on an ad hoc basis.
    • Participation in local or national competitions is encouraged where appropriate, offering the opportunity to shine and develop within a broader field.
    • Within the department some pupils are asked to help by taking sectional rehearsals or by organising small ensembles. There is always scope for further ensembles and any pupil is encouraged to show initiative in starting and developing any type of ensemble with opportunities to perform in concerts both in and out of School.
    • Some pupils supplement their musical studies at the Junior Conservatoires, travelling to London or Birmingham on a Saturday morning to engage musically with similarly talented young people.
    • Pupils are encouraged to attend the local and National Orchestras, Ensembles and Choirs, e.g. GYJO, NYO, NYWO, NYCC, Eton Choral Course and local county orchestras or groups.
    • Those pupils intending to pursue music academically at Oxbridge are encouraged to participate in the Critical Essay Prize at the end of the Lower Sixth.


    • Attendance of School concerts throughout the year
    • Being involved in musical groups and activities as appropriate
    • Signing up to attend professional concerts
    • Choral Society (un-auditioned)
    • Taking up a musical instrument

    Physical Education


    Fourth Form:

    • Exercise physiology testing visit for Fourth Form as an intro to GCSE

    Remove & Fifth Form:

    • Comprehensive sport and PE library
    • Journal articles offered throughout topics

     Lower Sixth & Upper Sixth:

    • Comprehensive sport and PE library
    • Journal articles offered throughout topics
    • Visiting speakers at the Literature Festival (for Lower Sixth and Upper Sixth)
    • Revision seminars (Lent)



    • Cheltenham Science Festival events (all pupils - June)
    • Visit to JET Laboratory near Oxford (Lower Sixth)
    • Visit to the Rutherford-Appleton Laboratory near Oxford (Upper Sixth)


    • Support for Oxbridge, Physics and Engineering candidates
    • Junior Physics Olympiad (‘Physics Challenge’) in March
    • AS Physics Olympiad (‘AS Challenge’) in March
    • British Physics Olympiad and A2 Challenge beginning in October


    Juniors (Fourth, Remove & Fifth)


    • Participate in A-level Psychology research
    • Participate in PhD research
    • Psychology taster session
    • Psychology project options in Study Skills
    • Psychology reading material in dept, pupil resources & the library

    Seniors (Lower Sixth &Upper Sixth)


    • A2 mentoring programme
    • Psychology-related EPQ
    • Psychology-related critical essay
    • Work experience at Oxford University (Experimental Psychology Department)
    • Advanced Psychology Extension/Enrichment MAA for those seeking Psychological insight beyond the specification. Includes university preparation.
    • Explore Psychology – higher level investigations and research, advanced reading materials
    • Extension visits e.g. Cheltenham Science Festival higher level seminars
    • Essay-writing competitions (e.g. Cambridge and Heythrop College)
    • Advanced Psychology lectures and conferences


    • Cheltenham Science Festival
    • Prison visit (Criminal Psychology)
    • Clinical Psychology visit including practitioner and lived experience seminars
    • Autism research centre or school visit (Child & Biological Psychology)
    • Psychology Review and jstor
    • Explore Psychology – Department, VLE resources and activities
    • Visiting speakers – e.g. Edexcel examiner, Psychology graduates and PhD researchers, psychologists
    • Archive competition in Applied Psychology
    • Participation in PhD Psychology research
    • Post- AS enrichment: Criminology – explanations of criminal behaviour, case studies and offender profiling


    RS/Philosophy & Ethics


    • Philosophy Society
    • PRESS (Philosophical, Religious & Ethical Pupils’ Society) meetings and visits
    • Heythrop College Theology Essay Prize (Sixth Form)

    Theatre Studies


    • GCSE and A level Drama visit to The Globe:  workshops, tour, performance
    • Lower Sixth visit to Stratford:  Macbeth, workshops
    • Main School Musical  (Dec)
    • PCertLAM extension qualification for G&T (worth up to 90 UCAS points)
    • Programme of co-curricular plays (up to 10 or more per year)
    • Major participation in Cheltenham Festival
    • Thespian Club
    • Theatre Excursions (about 10-12) to RSC, Malvern, Cheltenham etc.
    • Off-Timetable Drama
    • Film Watching
    • Preparations for auditions for Drama School (RADA, LAMDA, Central and others)
    • Practical advice/work for exceptionally talented pupils entering the profession
    • Workshops from visiting notable actors and practitioners
    • Quarshie Club
    • Workshops


    • Gold Arts Awards at 16+