Day Pupils

At Dean Close Prep School the house system is at the heart of the excellent pastoral care for which the School is renowned. There are three day houses (Oaksey, Yeaman and Deacon) which are located in the centre of the School. Children join together in their day houses before school starts in the morning, at lunchtime, and after school. Many children are keen to stay after school and play with their friends in their houses if they are not participating in one of the many clubs that are on offer through the week. Each of the houses is equipped with various games tables including table tennis, pool and air hockey. Each of the day houses has a full complement of boys and girls from Years 3 to 8. It is through the houses that children forge strong friendships with other children in different year groups, as well as their own.

For children in Years 7 and 8, the first point of contact and liaison between home and School is the House Tutor. For other year groups parents are able to contact Houseparents with any concerns or queries they may have. The Houseparent and the House Tutors oversee the extramural, social and pastoral wellbeing of each child. In the event of any query or concern, these staff may be readily contacted by email, or in person at the beginning or end of the School day.

Pastoral care is not wholly confined to the House as all members of the teaching community take a pastoral interest in those with whom they have contact. For example, a music scholar may well find they have a particularly close relationship with the Director of Music or a keen rugby player may bond well with the Master in charge of Rugby. Within the extended community there is the Chaplain and the Prep School Chaplain's Assistant, the Matrons, the School Secretaries, the qualified nurses at the School Health Centre, the School Prefects, a School Counsellor and many more.