Day Houses

The House system is at the very heart of the School. Each child is a member of either a day or boarding house. There are three day houses, Oaksey, Yeaman and Deacon, which are located in the centre of the School. Children join together in their day houses before school starts in the morning, at lunchtime, and after school. Many children are keen to stay after school and play with their friends in their houses if they are not participating in one of the many clubs that are on offer through the week. Each of the houses is equipped with various games tables including table tennis, pool and air hockey.

Each of the day houses has a full complement of boys and girls from Years 3 to 8. It is through the houses that children forge strong friendships with other children in different year groups, as well as their own.

Each house has a Housemistress or Housemaster and a complement of academic staff, known as house tutors, to monitor pupils' progress and to be available to parents for discussion, at the beginning or the end of every day.