At Dean Close Preparatory School we aim to provide pupils with the opportunity to widen their horizons by exploring a range of clubs and activities outside of the academic curriculum. Our superb facilities provide a place where teachers are able to share a love of their own hobbies and enthusiasms and where they can inspire their young charges. We instil in all children the confidence to explore new avenues and to try something different, for it is only then that they realise their potential. Experiencing a wide range of activities and interests helps pupils to become well-rounded adults who are able to take advantage of everything that life offers them.

There are a variety of after school and lunchtime clubs and activities available to all children from Years 3 - 8. Many are purely for fun. Others, like Dance and Speech and Drama involve specialist preparation for formal exams to provide an additional sense of achievement. Some clubs may vary from day to day and term to term but many are held regularly, every term, due to popular demand.