Parent's Perspective

Being a chorister has created a love of music and singing in Ben and the confidence to sing and perform publically, even on his own.  He can read music and has developed an appreciation of music he would never have experienced had he not been a Chorister. He has had many opportunities including being involved in recordings,  touring to other countries and the chance to sing in wonderful venues, like St Paul's Cathedral and Merton College, Oxford.

As well as the obvious benefits of musical tuition being a Chorister has taught him how to to work closely in a group of varying ages and develop the patience, kindness and respect required to do so successfully.  He has developed self-discipline, an ability to listen carefully and to follow detailed instruction.

The demands of balancing a very busy school day, with its combination of academic studies, prep, sport, drama and chorister commitments, meant he had to take responsibility and learn to be very organised - these are skills that will serve him well as he moves through life.  This is probably the most obvious skill he has learned from being a Chorister and has benefitted him enormously as he has happily taken on the many opportunities on offer at DCS - in sport, academics, drama and the various DCS choirs.