From the first evolved molecule of DNA to the cutting edge science of modern medicine and biotechnology, Biology is an essential science for today’s world training future medics and vets, zoologists and researchers. At Dean Close we encourage our pupils to:
  • Experience Biology through hands on practical and field work,
  • Understand more about the way our bodies work,
  • Learn about the world around us and see how it has evolved,
  • Look at the environment and consider what we must all do to protect it,
  • And above all, enjoy the study of life, wanting to find out more!

Many of our pupils go on to study Biology-related subjects, including Medicine and Veterinary Science, at University every year inspired to take Biology further.

Studying Biology at Dean Close

With 3 well-equipped laboratories dedicated to Biology and a full time technician to support our work, our team of Biology teachers are able to teach our students to the best of their potential. Each pupil is given the time and support required to gain their very best in the subject with extension classes provided for medics, vets and dentists, those who wish to be stretched academically and to help those who need a little more help.

We study the Edexel iGCSE course, chosen for its challenging and more inspiring content. 

At Sixth Form, pupils pursue AS & A2 AQA Biology course - an up-to-date and well-written specification which covers traditional aspects of Biology in a student-friendly manner, whilst maintaining a good level of academic challenge and introducing a large number of contemporary, cutting edge biological concepts.

Beyond the Classroom

Biology is not just limited to lab work and indoor practical. Together with the other sciences we enjoy trips to university departments, lectures and events including @Bristol and the Cheltenham Science Festival. Field Biology skills are taught out in the local countryside or on residential camps on our field courses, and throughout our extensive school grounds that allows us access to a river, hedgerows, woodland, embankments and managed fields.