An Outstanding Performance

Whilst Drama is about performing, theatre and presentation skills a great deal of confidence can be gained from entering competitions and auditioning for roles. Pupils are encouraged to regularly audition for roles in television, film and local theatre of which they have had a great deal of success:

Audition success

Ben Crossley and Ethan Bareham performed in 'Will Harvey's War' at the Everyman, a professional production where they both had speaking parts ( Ben played the Young Will Harvey and Ethan played his younger brother)

Ben Crossley performed on stage alongside the actor Simon Callow and sang with the Mozart Symphony Orchestra at the Cadogen Hall in Sloane Square, London and at the Cheltenham Town Hall - where he sang the solo 'Walking in the Air'.

In 2016, 3 boys - Jamie Treatman-Clark, Joe Stocks and Cassian Pichler-Roca were shortlisted for the leading role in the new Steven Spielberg film and went to London for final auditions.  

Ethan Bareham went to London for final auditions for a new Steven Daldry TV drama series about the young Prince Philip and Prince Charles.

In 2017 Lex Recine, aged 7,  starred in several advertisements for Cadbury's, Asda and Dental Care products to name just a few.

Cheltenham Festival Success

In the drama section of the 2017 Cheltenham Festival we did incredibly well, in total the children won 64 medals, 12 cups and 11 Outstanding Performance Awards in the drama sections and a further four cups for their music.